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We are immensely glad to welcome you to this exclusive pre-sale, featuring discounts of up to 60%. It is a token of our appreciation for all your support and custom over the years, and chance for all our subscribers and players to try our new experiences at lowest prices that will not be repeated again.

Escape Rooms

THE BILLION POUND HEIST follows the notorious gang's adventures from our very own Million Pound Heist in Shoreditch location. A new safehouse, heavier security, bigger haul. The stakes have never been higher!

INVENTOR’S ODYSSEY THROUGH TIME is a new game based on original story. A brilliant inventor, who needs your help to acquire an invaluable object, while helping to restore her family's legacy. A double mission that could turn perilous. Did we also mention there is time travel involved?

THE WORLD OF WITCHCRAFT AND WIZARDRY is the highly anticipated sequel to our very first magical room, based in our Shoreditch location. Having now graduated from the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, it's time you put those newly acquired skills to test!

Escape Room Arcade

Over the past few years, we have quietly been developing a new concept, which merges the world of escape rooms with iconic arcade venues, bringing together the best of both worlds.

Players in small teams can make their way through 30 individual rooms, each intricately decorated to immerse you in its own small world, and within each, there is an escape room style puzzle, testing your teamwork and wits.

Throughout the experience, they can follow their own flow, without being restrained by the story, and have the ability to replay each room unlimited number of times, and keep track of their scores.


Please note that the number of these discounted tickets is limited, and will not be repeated after being sold out.

Single team discounts will give you percentage off the full price, which will be £40 per person during peak times, all you need to do is select your team size and secure it below.

Platinum discount gives you a team ticket for each of our new experiences - the three escape rooms and entrance to the Escape Room Arcade. To sweeten the deal, we are adding extra 10% off for all platinum ticket holders, on top of their single team discounts.


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