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Team of 3 £105.00
Team of 4 £140.00
Team of 5 £175.00

Online voucher - the gift voucher will be sent to purchaser’s e-mail address, and it will be their responsibility to present it to the recipient.

Postal voucher - we will prepare and send the gift voucher inside the plain packaging to the address provided.

Purchaser - Please enter your name as the purchaser, also please provide valid phone number and e-mail address (in case we need to contact you about the voucher you are purchasing).

Recipient - Please put the name of the person who will be receiving this gift - their name will go on the voucher itself.

Address - The voucher will be delivered within 3-5 working days, so please put in the address that is secure to receive the gift and you are sure that recipient will not receive it before the time comes!
Please note, we do not take responsibility for who opens the gift voucher at the address provided.

The gift voucher itself will have recipient’s name on it, and it will be inside plain packaging. If “recipient's address” is selected, the letter will be addressed to recipient, and if “purchaser's address" is selected, the letter will be address to the purchaser but will have the gift voucher inside with recipient’s name.

Expiry - Please use your voucher within 18 months, otherwise it will expire.

60 Mins
Length of Game
Team of 0
Number of Players
Price: £0.00
Delivery Charge: £2.50
Gift Wrap Charge: £2.50
Total Price: £
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