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Our Corporate Packages



Offering a fantastic team building activity in the heart of Shoreditch, our trio of escape rooms transport players to worlds of magic, deep sea submarines, and high-tech bank vaults.

With just 60 minutes on the clock, your team will need to demonstrate excellent communication, time management, and problem-solving to succeed. For bigger companies, our corporate packages offer a simple all-in-one solution, helping you organise for larger teams across a day.


The Perfect Team Building Activity

  • Exciting and unique team building activity
  • Develop relevant skills
  • Build team communication
  • Choose from 3 varied escape rooms
  • Simple unified booking for companies
  • Competitive rankings for your company
  • Fantastic deals for corporate clients

Find out why escape room are great for team building


Our Simple Corporate Packages

We’ve been the choice for corporate teams for many years, offering a streamlined, simple service:

What’s Included

  • 3 varied escape rooms
  • Each team accompanied by a Questmaster
  • 60-minute play sessions
  • Themed introduction and debrief
  • Team photo with themed props
  • Memorabilia to take home from each game
  • Dedicated leaderboards across your company
  • Head-to-head competitions between departments


  • Slots available 7 days a week
  • Morning, afternoon and evening times
  • Playable by teams of 3-6


  • We cater to 18 simultaneous players
  • 8 slots available across a day, for a maximum of 144 daily players
  • Different corporate teams can play across several days


  • Upfront price based on group sizes and number of slots booked
  • Pay directly in full through us
  • More players can be added on the day
  • Discount scheme for corporate clients


  • Located in Shoreditch at 2-12 Wilson St, EC2M 7LS
  • A short walk from tube and train links
  • Great selection of nearby pubs and restaurants

Book Directly For Payment

Talk to us about your needs in terms of dates and team sizes, and we’ll be able to organise a corporate package for you with a clear quote. From there we can organise your booking, sending you a single payment link for your whole package. You’ll also be able to book each room for 3 players initially, and pay for extra team members on the day if needed, giving you additional flexibility. 

We offer two fantastic deals for corporate clients. For larger bookings of 4 or more slots on the same day, we offer a 20% discount on the total price. In addition, we also offer a rolling loyalty scheme for companies, with every 10th game offered free of charge.

Reach out to a member of our team now to get started. We aim to reply to all communications within the same working day.

An infographic detailing the timeline of a corporate team playing escape rooms

Make an Enquiry Today

Contact Enigma Quests today to get a simple and straightforward quote for your team building day, or to find out more about how we can cater to larger work events. 


Our Celebrated Escape Rooms


We’ve earned fantastic feedback from customers over the last decade thanks to our fiendish puzzles, immersive room designs, and fun, friendly customer service.

Your team will be able to play one of three games, each offering 60 minutes of gripping puzzle solving.

School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

This magical room transports up to 6 colleagues to a world of magic, where they’ll need to demonstrate amazing teamwork if they want to achieve the top grade of “Outstanding” on their magical exams. Featuring exciting effects, a range of magical puzzles, and more than a few surprises, this room offers a fantastic time for all players.

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The Million Pound Heist

Inspired by classic heist films, this game tasks players with cracking the high-tech underground vault of a feared London gang. Unique amongst our rooms, The Million Pound Heist has its own internal score system, with only the very best teams leaving with the full million.

See More       Book Now

Submarine: Mission Wavebreak

This inventive room places teams aboard a deep sea submarine, with 60 minutes on the clock to prevent a catastrophic missile launch. Combining ingenious and varied puzzle design with an immersive interior, the fate of the world will rest on each team's shoulders.

See More       Book Now
Our team will be able to log and compare times and scores for teams, whether you’re looking to analyse performance or hold a competition across your company. Each room shares our commitment to varied puzzle design, and creative, believable decor. They’ll test the communication, organisation, and creativity of a group of coworkers, helping them to identify areas for improvement or get to know one another better.

The Benefits For Your Team

Alongside being great entertainment, escape rooms offer a series of clear benefits to a work team:

  • Building trust and team spirit
  • Strengthening connections within a team
  • Improving decision-making skills
  • Enhancing collaboration 
  • Building team leadership 

They are also a fantastic way to reward colleagues or build relationships with clients.




Do you offer catering on-site?

No, we do not have any catering facilities on site. The local area has a great selection of restaurants, cafes, and markets, and our team will be able to point you towards some local favourites if needed. You’ll also find many nearby pubs and bars.

Can we make adjustments after booking?

We’ll be able to make alterations to your booking should you need them. Some of our clients choose to book each room with the minimum number required and pay for any additional players on the day, which we are happy to offer.

Do you have lockers?

Yes, we have lockers for each of our 3 games.

Can you save scores across different days for members of our team?

Absolutely. We’ll be able to save scores for your company, allowing teams to compete on the time it took them to complete their room. Our Million Pound Heist room also has its own in-game leaderboard, which teams will also be able to compete on. Due to the differing nature of the rooms, it will only be fair to compare teams who’ve competed in the same game.

Can teams wait at your location?

Sadly no, our location does not have a waiting room, and we ask teams to arrive at their allotted time only. There are a variety of great cafes and pubs nearby we’ll be able to point you towards.


Keep in touch

Enigma Quests, 2-12 Wilson Street, London, EC2M 7LS
+44 (0) 20 7377 9220

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