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Sensational Escape Room Corporate Events In London


Escape rooms make for ideal corporate events, whether you’re looking to reward staff or entertain clients.

Offering a devious set of puzzles to complete with only 60 minutes on the clock, you’ll need to work together to progress, moving through a series of intricately decorated rooms.

Enigma Quests operates three escape rooms, located in the heart of Shoreditch, which task you with graduating from a school for witches and wizards, robbing the vault of a feared gang, and averting catastrophe aboard a deepsea submarine.

Easily reached by tube or train, our brilliant escape rooms can be booked for corporate events in London 7 days a week, including evening slots.

Book one of our escape rooms today.


Why Escape Rooms Make Ideal Corporate Events

Escape rooms are a fantastic shared experience, requiring communication and teamwork to cooperatively complete puzzles.

Whether rewarding a team or entertaining clients, you’ll have an engaging goal to work towards, through a series of intricately designed rooms. At 60 minutes in length, our escape rooms can be the perfect addition to an evening out in London.

Live escape room experiences can be enjoyed by everyone, with a Questmaster available over the radio throughout helping to ensure that teams of all ability levels can have an engaging and fun time. Our escape rooms are an excellent choice for a corporate event, and we have hosted escape games for clients including Sainsbury’s, Santander, and British Airways. Escape rooms are also fantastic team building activities.


Our Three Thrilling Escape Rooms in Shoreditch


Enigma Quests are based in Shoreditch, East London, operating three dynamic and devious escape rooms, ideal for a corporate event:

School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

A fantastical night out can be found in this magic-themed room. Your team are students at the secretive School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and you’ll need to work together to get the coveted “Outstanding” grade on your final exams.

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The Million Pound Heist

A great choice for competitive teams, this original escape room challenges you to crack the codes to the top secret vault of a feared London gang, and retrieve a sensitive case of documents hidden there. Once inside, you’ll have the rest of your 60 minutes to steal as much money as possible. Few teams are able to make out with the full million, could your corporate party have what it takes?

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Submarine: Mission Wavebreak

A nuclear submarine rests at the bottom of the ocean, poised to unleash a devastating global crisis. Only one thing can stop them now; You! Your team of intrepid agents will need to infiltrate the submarine, solving varied puzzles to have any chance of averting disaster. For a corporate event with a twist, Submarine: Mission Wavebreak is a pulse-pounding race against time.

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Our escape rooms combine varied and ingenious puzzle designs with immersive decor. We go above and beyond to pull players into each world, with engaging narratives, surprise-filled multi-room games, and a range of detailed decorative elements.

How Enigma Quests Work

Each of our escape rooms is intended for 3 to 5 people and lasts for 60 minutes. We ask that guests arrive 15 minutes before their designated time, to allow our Questmaster to do a full introduction, bringing guests into the world of the game and explaining the essentials of escape rooms.

There will also be a quick debrief afterwards where your Questmaster will talk you through your performance in the game.

We are located at 2-12 Wilson Street, EC2M 7LS in Shoreditch. This London location is a short walk from both tube and train stations, letting you easily schedule an escape room corporate event within a day or evening. Each of our rooms can be booked online with slots available 7 days a week. For larger escape room teams our full trio of games can be booked, hosting up to 15 people at once.


Book an Escape Room For Your Corporate Event Today


Our escape rooms make for a corporate event to remember, helping employees and clients alike to have a great time working together, whether infiltrating a bank vault, attending a magical school, or sneaking about a dangerous submarine.


To book a memorable corporate event in London, book one of our escape rooms today.



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