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Escape Room Team Building in Shoreditch - Have You Got What it Takes?


Situated a short walk from Liverpool Street station, Enigma Quests offers three fantastic escape rooms, ideal for team building days out in London.

Mixing exciting and immersive room designs with fiendish puzzles, our escape rooms are a great activity to build communication and test problem-solving skills within a team.

Each of our quests is suitable for teams of 3 to 5, whether you’re looking to graduate from the school of witchcraft and wizardry, halt a shadowy corporation aboard a nuclear submarine, or rob the vaults of a feared London gang. All of our rooms can be booked online today, with after-work sessions and late-night weekend sessions available.

Book the perfect team building exercise in London today.


Why Choose an Escape Room For Team Building?

Escape rooms are engaging, creative, and concise, offering a fantastic 60-minute experience for a team building exercise.

Set within lushly detailed rooms, each team will be tasked with solving puzzles that will combine visual, written, and physical aspects, requiring a team to fully work together in order to reach the finish line. Escape rooms are designed around teams, with elements that will require cooperation to complete.

Choosing an escape room as a team building exercise will allow your team to develop their communication skills, learn how to work better as a unit, and work together to crack codes and solve complex problems, all while having fun. Whether looking to develop team leaders or merely to improve team bonding within an office, escape rooms are an excellent choice, allowing each team member to contribute. Within our escape rooms, the Questmaster will always be there over the speakers and will be able to offer some pointers if needed. This helps to ensure that even those with no experience of escape rooms can have a satisfying time.


Choosing Enigma Quests

Enigma Quests was founded in 2014 by two puzzle lovers, who have focused on creating the best escape room experiences in London, combining vivid multi-part rooms with creative puzzles.

We truly understand the importance of narrative to our escape room, taking players on a memorable journey each time.

Our team of Questmasters are excellent at hosting groups of all ability levels, able to quickly explain the essentials of escape games, and offer hints that don’t undermine the satisfaction players feel. We have worked with many corporate teams over the years, as demonstrated on our testimonials page.



Our Trilogy of Escape Rooms


Our Shoreditch location offers three varied escape rooms to choose from, each of which features immersive room design, complex and varied puzzles, and a thrilling story.

Our Questmasters will brief teams beforehand, introducing the story of the room and the mechanics of an escape room. They’ll be there if needed throughout your 60 minutes, giving vague hints to help you reach the finish line.

Afterwards, they’ll debrief you, talking you through how your team worked together. With set time slots, and a compact 60 minutes of fun, our escape room activities can be organised after work, or completed within a few hours of the work day.

School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

This quest will task players with acing their finals at the prestigious school of witchcraft and wizardry. Featuring a spectacular supernatural look, and a range of puzzles, teams will have to work together to beat each of their classes and graduate with an outstanding grade. For escape room teams with an interest in the arcane world, this quest will make for a fantastic team building activity.

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The Million Pound Heist

Our innovative escape room with a difference, competitive teams should look no further than The Million Pound Heist. Players will first be tasked with cracking the vault itself, requiring them to disable the state-of-the-art security systems. Once inside, a series of puzzles will be the only thing standing between them and a million pounds. Depending on how well they perform, teams will escape at the end of the hour with as much as a million, and those who perform best can earn a place on our leaderboards.

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Submarine: Mission Wavebreak

A thrilling race against time, Submarine: Mission Wavebreak tasks players with averting a global disaster aboard a nuclear submarine. With just 60 minutes on the clock to halt the sinister goals of a shadowy corporation, each team will need to carefully work together, utilising communication and problem as they approach the finale, where they will have just one chance to save the world. For those looking for an exciting escape room for team building, this is a perfect choice.

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How to Book Our Escape Rooms

Our three rooms are available to book through our website, with slots available for escape room events seven days a week.

Each game is for teams of three to five. Whether looking for a team building activity during the day or after work we offer a range of excellent escape rooms. We recommend arriving 15 minutes before your starting time and allowing a little time after your 60-minute session for a short debrief.

We are located at 2-12 Wilson Street, EC2M 7LS, a short walk from Liverpool Street station, Spitalfields, and The Gherkin. Whether you are working in London or visiting for the day, we are easy to reach. A visit to Enigma Quests can easily be combined with a range of other activities across the city, if looking for a day of team building.


Book an Escape Room For Team Building Today


Our wide-ranging escape rooms are engaging and immersive, combining great decor and physical elements with varied puzzle designs.

Perfect for corporate team building, escape rooms help to build cohesion within a fun environment. Whether your team will be earning their magical education, heisting for the million, or defusing a bomb on the ocean floor is up to you.


Book an escape room today.



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