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Date Night At Our Escape Rooms in London

Our escape rooms test your observation skills, problem-solving, and communication!

An Amazing Experience For Couples in London

Looking for a truly unforgettable date night? Whether you’re still getting to know each other or need to book the babysitter, escape rooms make for a fantastic couples’ activity.

You’ll spend 60 minutes immersed in a compelling, collaborative adventure that will bring you closer together as you work towards your goal. With intricately themed rooms, intriguing storylines, and puzzles to solve against the clock, escape rooms offer a genuinely transportive experience. 

Enigma Quests hosts three brilliant escape rooms in London designed to give couples a thrilling shared experience. From worlds of magic to espionage, our themed rooms offer something for everyone, helping to create a truly memorable time for you and your partner.

Your next date night

  • Brilliant escape rooms perfect for two players, transporting you to fantastical worlds
  • Our Questmasters are there to ensure new and experienced players have a great time
  • Booking available 7 days a week, including evening sessions
  • Easy access, with both tube and rail stations just a short walk away

Our 3 immersive escape rooms in London

Enigma Quests runs three ingenious escape rooms from our Shoreditch location, transporting couples to a range of detailed locations.

Small picture of School of Witchcraft and Wizardry escape room

Apprentice witches and wizards will be thrilled by the challenges of this magical quest. You’ll need to work together to pass your exams at the school of witchcraft and wizardry, with just 60 minutes before graduation. You’ll solve puzzles, helping you to gain the knowledge needed to ace each exam, in order to receive the top grades. Surrounding you with stunning magical decor, this quest will take fans of all things supernatural on an epic adventure.

Small picture of The Million Pound Heist escape room

For an escape room with a difference, The Million Pound Heist tasks players with seizing as much cash as possible from the vault of a notorious London gang. Firstly though, you’ll need to make it into the vault itself, by besting their state-of-the-art security network. Challenges along the way will allow your team to maximise their take, with the highest possible score of a million pounds elusive to even the most hardened puzzle solvers. If you think you have what it takes, you can compete with the best teams on our leaderboard, fully utilising your 60 minutes to solve as many puzzles as possible.

Small picture of Submarine Mission Wavebreak escape room

A breathless race to save the world from the bottom of the sea, Submarine: Mission Wavebreak tasks players with averting a crisis aboard a nuclear submarine, in order to thwart the goals of a shadowy global corporation. It will take teamwork, determination, and problem-solving moxie to save the day, with just one chance at the final puzzle.


A great room (School of Witchcraft and Wizardary) with fun puzzles that had my seasoned escape room mind scrambling. Tom was an excellent game host and overly accommodating to my family. A must do when you’re visiting London!

Christie McLarty

Brilliant experience from start to end.

Puzzles were challenging and exciting!

Excited to go again in the future.

Andrew Tan-Mulligan

Such a great experience would definatly be booking again, all the puzzels were so creative and well thought out our host Jonny was a star... loved every minute.

Domonique Evans

Really friendly team. Fun games, we really enjoyed it and so did the 3 kids aged 7-9.

Gareth Jones

We went for my daughter's 11th birthday, me and 4 x 11 year olds, and escaped from the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. We had a blast! I was a bit worried it might be too hard but the puzzles were the right mix of tricky but solvable once we had cracked the logic. Will definitely be back to try another room.

Lucy Davies

A great experience. Did the witchcraft and wizardry room. No need to solve all clues in order which means you can progress through the subjects faster. A good selection of puzzles to solve. The staff were very good at reading the room. Highly recommend.

Natasha Bell-Asher

We had a fantastic time in the submarine escape. This was our second visit and the first was million pound heist. Tom is excellent and we had a fun time. Highly recommended.

Prateesh Trivedi

What Makes Enigma Quests the Perfect Date?

Escape rooms are a uniquely fun experience for couples, and our 3 rooms in London are a great choice for those looking to try something a little different. Here’s why you should choose Enigma Quests for your next date night:

A Date Night With a Difference

Whether you’re looking for a first date to remember, or to shake things up from your dinner and a movie routine, an escape room is a truly transportive experience for couples. You and your partner will be whisked from London into a world of magic, espionage, or criminality, immersed in a believable location rich in detail and stuffed with interactive elements. For a night to remember, try one of our escape rooms.

Working Together

Escape rooms are a fantastic collaborative activity for adults. You’ll need to work together throughout, maintaining fantastic communication as you explore the room and the many puzzles contained within it. For the same reasons escape rooms are excellent for team building, they’re great at building a relationship, giving you a space to speak, collaborate, trust, and succeed. For a first date or a 101st, few things compare.

Perfect For Beginners

Our escape rooms combine compelling stories, detailed set designs, and clever puzzles to challenge you both. Created by puzzle enthusiasts, they are full of surprises and “a-ha!” moments you’ll get to experience together. A member of our team, known as a Questmaster, will also be available by radio to assist you if needed, ensuring teams of all skill levels will have a great time.

Booking Your Room

We offer time slots across the week including evenings, providing flexibility for couples looking to find a time that works for them. Located at 2-12 Wilson Street, London, EC2M 7LS, we can be easily reached on foot from both tube and train stations, and are surrounded by diverse restaurants, pubs, and bars to complete your date night.

Each game lasts approximately 60 minutes, and we ask players to arrive 15 minutes early to get introduced to the game’s story and rules by their Questmaster. Thanks to our helpful Questmasters, our rooms can be enjoyed regardless of prior experience.

Book now

For couples looking for a one-of-a-kind date night, Enigma Quests offers an exciting shared experience in London. You’ll get to work closely together, use your creative thinking, and immerse yourselves in a meticulously designed world. Whether you have experience in escape rooms or not, you’ll be able to collaborate and triumph side-by-side. 

We provide everything you need to step into adventure and come away closer than ever.