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Great Value London Escape Rooms For Your Family

A truly unforgettable experience within our immersive escape rooms.

An unforgettable day out

When trying to entertain the family across London, parents are often faced with an unbelievably steep price tag. For escape rooms, this can hold especially true, thanks to their small player count, extended length, and dedicated staff who accompany each team through a gauntlet of puzzles.

However, while the setup might seem costly for families, they’re rewarded with a truly unforgettable experience. Enigma Quests stands out in this regard, offering three meticulously crafted escape rooms. For our team, it’s more than just a game; it’s a chance to bring families together for an hour of dedicated teamwork and immersion in a richly detailed world. If you’re ready for the challenge, everything can be booked through our website today.

Our rooms offer a truly fantastic time for your family, coming at transparent, competitive prices to ensure your adventure won’t break the bank.

The perfect family activity

  • Across our three unique rooms, we maintain a consistent pricing model of £35 per person for teams of 3-5 players.
  • This fee not only gives you a full 60 minutes of immersive puzzling but also includes a thematic introduction by your in-character Questmaster, a post-game debrief, and a unique trinket to take home from each room. 
  • we don't impose peak time costs, meaning weekends and evenings carry the same price tag.
  • Our escape rooms stand out as a fantastic treat for families, offering a great bonding experience in the heart of London, whether you’re visiting for the day or looking for a special treat.

Our Fantastic Escape Rooms in London

At Enigma Quests, all three of our escape rooms are designed for family fun, with imaginative stories, hands-on puzzles, and thrilling environments.

Each of our rooms can be booked 7 days a week through our website, designed for teams of 3-5, though we can cater to 6 upon request. We are located at 2-12 Wilson Street, EC2M 7LS in Shoreditch, a short walk from tube and train stations.

Games last for 60 minutes. We ask for teams to arrive 15 minutes early to receive an introduction from their Questmaster, and to allow time for a short debrief afterwards.

Small picture of School of Witchcraft and Wizardry escape room

Perfect for fans of magical worlds like Harry Potter, this room transports your family to the world of magic, with just 60 minutes to complete your final exams.

Small picture of The Million Pound Heist escape room

Your family will need to work together to crack the underground vault of a fearsome London gang, disabling security measures, bypassing high-tech doors, and ultimately making it out with a maximum haul of £1 million.

Small picture of Submarine Mission Wavebreak escape room

This exciting room places your family aboard a deep-sea submarine on a course to global disaster. You’ll need to communicate and work together across multiple rooms of the sub to save the world.


Brilliant experience from start to end.

Puzzles were challenging and exciting!

Excited to go again in the future.

Andrew Tan-Mulligan

A great room (School of Witchcraft and Wizardary) with fun puzzles that had my seasoned escape room mind scrambling. Tom was an excellent game host and overly accommodating to my family. A must do when you’re visiting London!

Christie McLarty

Such a great experience would definatly be booking again, all the puzzels were so creative and well thought out our host Jonny was a star... loved every minute.

Domonique Evans

Really friendly team. Fun games, we really enjoyed it and so did the 3 kids aged 7-9.

Gareth Jones

We went for my daughter's 11th birthday, me and 4 x 11 year olds, and escaped from the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. We had a blast! I was a bit worried it might be too hard but the puzzles were the right mix of tricky but solvable once we had cracked the logic. Will definitely be back to try another room.

Lucy Davies

A great experience. Did the witchcraft and wizardry room. No need to solve all clues in order which means you can progress through the subjects faster. A good selection of puzzles to solve. The staff were very good at reading the room. Highly recommend.

Natasha Bell-Asher

We had a fantastic time in the submarine escape. This was our second visit and the first was million pound heist. Tom is excellent and we had a fun time. Highly recommended.

Prateesh Trivedi

The Perfect family experience

We think escape rooms make the perfect family activity for several reasons:

  • Engage All Ages: Whether you’re 8 or 80, escape rooms are designed to captivate all players. The combination of story and puzzles means that everyone aged 8 and up will find opportunities to contribute.
  • Encourage Teamwork: Families must communicate and cooperate in an escape room, honing their teamwork skills across the hour. We find that children, teens, and parents alike have a great time and quickly begin to organise and delegate in our rooms, working together towards their goals.
  • A Memorable Experience: Few things are as exhilarating as the ticking clock, the thrill of a solved riddle, and the collective cheer when the final puzzle is deciphered. Escape rooms are a truly unique experience, and no two are the same.

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All of our escape rooms offer a great deal for families, transporting you to a detailed environment full of devious puzzles. Secure your slot now by booking ahead.