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Mind-Bending Escape Rooms in London

Our three devious escape rooms take players to worlds of magic, high crime, and espionage, the perfect choice for visitors to London.

Step Into a Fantastic World of Puzzles

Offering brain-bending puzzles, wholly immersive environments, and exciting special effects, our escape rooms offer an amazing day out in London.

Conveniently located near tube and train connections, and within walking distance of iconic destinations like St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Tower of London, you can seamlessly fit an Enigma Quests escape room into your London itinerary. Whether you’re exploring the city with family, your partner, or a group of friends, our rooms provide 60 minutes of exhilarating puzzles and surprises. 

The perfect activity for london visitors

  • Friendly Questmasters ensure all players have an amazing time
  • A range of brilliant escape room themes mean that there's something for everyone
  • Slots available 7 days a week, with simple booking months in advance
  • Easy to access location via both underground and train stations

Our Amazing Trio of Escape Rooms

We offer a range of brilliant escape rooms, transporting players to worlds of magic, espionage, and high-stakes thievery. All of our rooms are built around an array of devious interconnected puzzles.

Small picture of School of Witchcraft and Wizardry escape room

Step into an enchanting world of magic and spells as you face your challenging final exams in this spell-binding escape room adventure.

Small picture of The Million Pound Heist escape room

This pulse-pounding heist escape room tasks your team with cracking the high-tech vault of a feared London gang, with an innovative scoring system ensuring only the best teams escape with the full million.

Small picture of Submarine Mission Wavebreak escape room

Dive into the depths of the ocean aboard a submarine, where you’ll race against time to prevent a global catastrophe in this adrenaline-pumping escape room experience.


Brilliant experience from start to end.

Puzzles were challenging and exciting!

Excited to go again in the future.

Andrew Tan-Mulligan

A great room (School of Witchcraft and Wizardary) with fun puzzles that had my seasoned escape room mind scrambling. Tom was an excellent game host and overly accommodating to my family. A must do when you’re visiting London!

Christie McLarty

Such a great experience would definatly be booking again, all the puzzels were so creative and well thought out our host Jonny was a star... loved every minute.

Domonique Evans

Really friendly team. Fun games, we really enjoyed it and so did the 3 kids aged 7-9.

Gareth Jones

A great experience. Did the witchcraft and wizardry room. No need to solve all clues in order which means you can progress through the subjects faster. A good selection of puzzles to solve. The staff were very good at reading the room. Highly recommend.

Natasha Bell-Asher

We went for my daughter's 11th birthday, me and 4 x 11 year olds, and escaped from the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. We had a blast! I was a bit worried it might be too hard but the puzzles were the right mix of tricky but solvable once we had cracked the logic. Will definitely be back to try another room.

Lucy Davies

We had a fantastic time in the submarine escape. This was our second visit and the first was million pound heist. Tom is excellent and we had a fun time. Highly recommended.

Prateesh Trivedi

Why you should take a trip to Enigma Quests

Enigma Quests is the ideal choice for visitors to London, offering an unbeatable escape room experience. With captivating puzzles, immersive room designs, and stunning special effects, we’ll provide a unique and memorable activity during your day out. With a simple upfront booking process and a convenient location, we ensure a hassle-free experience for those seeking a fun and engaging activity during their stay in London. Here are just some of the reasons to book your Enigma Quests experience today.

Advance bookings

As escape rooms can only host one team per room at a time, it can be difficult to arrange a slot during your visit to London, with many locations completely booked out. We help to remedy this with our online booking system, allowing you to secure your room months in advance, ensuring a fantastic experience during your stay.

Great Value

Many London activities come with eye-watering price tags, making visits to the city prohibitively expensive. With set upfront pricing on all escape rooms and no hidden costs, we’re an excellent choice for travellers who are looking to stay within their budget while still having a thrilling interactive experience. 

All-Weather Fun

Across London, and indeed the UK in general, bad weather is sometimes a fact of life, be that rain, snow, high wind, or blistering cold, all of which can make our many outdoor attractions deeply unpleasant. Our escape rooms are indoor activities that can be enjoyed regardless of the weather, perfect for any unpredictable weather during your visit.

Easy scheduling

London can often be an overwhelming place for visitors, with a massive number of museums, landmarks, and activities vying for your limited time. With each room operating on a strict 60-minute time limit, you’ll be able to make the most of your limited time in London while still enjoying a truly memorable experience. And everything is booked in advance, meaning you’ll never have to queue.

No Crowds, No Lines

Endless lines and queues define many London activities, leaving you waiting outside for hours in advance. Thanks to our clear time system we can avoid all of these headaches. We offer advance bookings and set time slots for all our games. Simply book, turn up 10-15 minutes before your time, and get ready to have fun.

How to Book

Booking your escape room adventure is quick and easy. Simply visit our website and navigate to the booking page for your desired room. Our online form allows you to sort by date and time slot, with each room operating 7 days a week.

Finding us

Enigma Quests is located at 2-12 Wilson Street, London, EC2M 7LS, a short walk from both tube and train stations. You’ll also find iconic attractions such as Brick Lane and the Tower of London within walking distance, making Enigma Quests the ideal choice for visitors looking to make the most of their day in London.

Our rooms are designed for teams of 3-5, though we can cater to pairs and groups of 6 on request. We ask that you arrive 15 minutes before your slot, so your Questmaster can give you a quick introduction to the world of the game, and the rules of our escape rooms.

Book Now

We have slots available 7 days a week, ready to book now through our website. Organise your amazing escape room experience today.