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Exciting Escape Rooms For Teens in London


Whether planning a birthday party or looking for activities on a day out in London, escape rooms are a fantastic time for groups of teenagers, offering an engaging and challenging experience that brings everyone together. 

Enigma Quests offers a trilogy of escape rooms for 3 to 5 players, themed around the worlds of magic, heisting, and espionage. Suited for boys and girls alike, they offer a dedicated 60 minutes of challenge within an immersive space. 

We are located a short walk from tube and train stations, meaning that our escape games can be easily included within a day out in London.

With slots available 7 days a week, you can easily book one of our rooms today.


Why Escape Rooms Are the Perfect Activity For Teens

Escape rooms are an ideal activity for teenagers, allowing them to showcase their communication and problem-solving skills in meticulously detailed environments.

Those who play video games will have a slight advantage, but our Questmasters are always there to offer hints to those with less experience.

Our escape rooms are a group activity that engages all participants within a creative world, featuring a varied selection of puzzles to solve. They are a great time for adults and young people alike across the UK. They can make for a memorable teenage birthday party in London, or be a more focused activity within a day out.


Our Range of Escape Rooms For Teenagers


From our Shoreditch location we offer 3 brilliant escape games to choose from, each of which will offer an engaging story and a solid level of challenge for a group of teens.

School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

For all the fantasy lovers out there, this magical escape room will transport you to a school for witches and wizards in training. It’s the day of your finals, and if you want to achieve the top Outstanding grade you’ll need to ace magical subjects like potions, charms, and defence against the dark arts. This exciting escape room is filled with devious puzzles, exciting effects, and some unexpected surprises.

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The Million Pound Heist

Inspired by heist classics like the Oceans series, this room challenges teams to infiltrate the secure vault of a terrifying London gang in order to retrieve a dossier hidden within. Once you’ve accessed the vault, you’ll have the rest of your 60 minutes to make off with as much money as you can, with a maximum take of a million. This novel escape room features a competitive leaderboard between teams, with only a handful of players each year getting the full million pounds.

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Submarine: Mission Wavebreak

The perfect choice for fans of spy movies, this undersea escape experience places your team of puzzlers on a nuclear submarine poised to unleash global armageddon from the ocean floor. With just 60 minutes to save the world, teams will need to collaborate on a series of elaborate puzzles across the multi-room experience.

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Enigma Quests is run by enthusiasts, bringing a great level of detail to both our puzzle designs and the decor and scene dressing in our themed rooms. We want to draw players into the worlds of each game, whether that’s a submarine at the bottom of the sea or a state-of-the-art vault.
We have hosted many happy customers over the years, demonstrated by our excellent Tripadvisor reviews.

Where to Find Us

Enigma Quests is located at 2-12 Wilson Street, EC2M 7LS in Shoreditch, London.

We’re easily reached from the nearby tube and train stations, and are within walking distance of a range of top attractions including the Tower of London.

Games last for around 60 minutes, though we ask for teams to arrive 15 minutes before their slot for a full introduction, and give a short debrief afterwards. Each of our 3 rooms can be booked online today, with times available throughout the week.

Our games are designed for teams of 3 to 5, with flat pricing of £35 per player. We ask that teenagers under the age of 16 are accompanied by an adult.


Book An Escape Room Party For Teens in London


Escape rooms are a fantastic activity for teenagers, offering an active and exciting 60 minutes.

Our three escape rooms in London will take a group to a magical school, a dangerous submarine, or a highly secured vault. Whether you’re looking for a birthday party to remember, or just a fun day out for a group of teenagers, our escape rooms are the perfect choice.


Book all of our rooms through our website today.



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