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Player Rules

This is a game that puts your team to test, and challenges your logic and wit. There are no rules on how to play the game other than the three ‘no go’ rules below:

- No physical force is required in solving puzzles in the games.

- No food or drinks are allowed inside the game rooms.

- No recording devices are allowed inside the game rooms.

Some rooms are designed in a linear fashion; in order to progress in the game, players must solve the immediate puzzle before them. While other rooms are designed in open style; players can divide into smaller teams and solve several puzzles simultaneously, but still have to use coordination and teamwork. And there are some rooms that are mix of both.

Human brain is a fascinating subject. It consists of so many areas that are responsible for concentration, observation, logic, imagination, memory, vocabulary, creativity and many others. Puzzles we design are aimed at engaging and challenging each of these mental functions. They are also a fun way to exercise your mind and get your brain to work more efficiently.

Tips on how to get most of your experience:

1. Be organised

In the world of puzzles, most people have a strong preference for one type of puzzle over others. Word people prefer crossword puzzles, visual people prefer jigsaw puzzles and mathematically minded people prefer logic or number puzzles. When in the game, use the strongest side of each member of your team. If you are unsure, taking our challenge is the best way to find out your preference and areas, where you can improve.

2. Teamwork all the way

Some puzzles will require strong cooperation among team members, while others can be more easily solved if looked at from different perspectives. They say two heads are better than one. We say five is even better! Also, when dividing into smaller teams to solve several puzzles simultaneously, remember to always share your discoveries and answers with others – they might be just what they need!

3. Patience is virtue

While some puzzles can be solved through intuition and flashes of insight, other puzzles require a more disciplined approach. If one way is not working, don’t be afraid to try other ways. Involve everyone in the team to get as many different options as possible. If trying different approaches and answers does not work, take a small break and try another puzzle, when possible. This will help you look at things with fresh perspective.

4. Get help

If all else fails – call for help. While our Quest Masters always see what is happening inside the room, they will not give hints unless they are asked to. We would not want to spoil your experience with unwanted or untimed hints. Paraphrasing the famous quote by JK Rowling: remember, help will always be given at Enigma Quests to those who ask for it.



Why Enigma Quests?

Escape rooms are becoming quite common in and around the UK. We have moved on from this concept, offering a variation, which focuses on truly immersive experience, where the game you play will become your reality for an hour. Your mind will be challenged, your team tested and you will have to use all your attention to complete the mission given. Who said it can’t be fun?

How many players should be in one team?

Based on the amount of puzzles required to be solved within an hour, our existing quests are designed for three to five players.

Teams of two can also give it a go, subject to minimum three players charge.

We have also tested the game with teams of 6, and would not recommend it due to the game being more chaotic and less enjoyable, but if you think your team can handle that, you can book any available slot as usual for a team of 5, and pay £20 surcharge for sixth player upon arrival by card or cash. .

What if my group is larger than 5 players? / Can two teams play simultaneously?

We have one game available for bookings, so for teams of up to 10 you can book two slots in a row and play back-to-back. If both bookings are under the same name, there will be no break between games (except for 3-5 minutes to reset the the room). Players who have to wait can have full use of our lounge area with board games and free coffee/tea to enjoy. In this instance, the whole experience will last 2-2.5 hours.

What is the recommended age for players?

Due to our experience, players aged 9 and under usually find most of the puzzles too challenging, but there are no restrictions.

Players under 16 must be accompanied by at least one adult per team.

We don’t have maximum age limit, instead encourage players of all ages to try the game.

Can I play if I’m pregnant?

Of course! The game does not involve physical challenges and there is always somewhere to sit down in every room. Players can also leave the game at any time due to any reason.

How long does this experience last overall?

The game itself will last 60 minutes, plus briefing before and debriefing after the game will add up to total of 85-90 minutes.

When is the best time to arrive?

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the game. This will allow our gamemasters to explain the rules and tell the story behind the quest. If you plan to arrive earlier, we have free tea/coffee and sweets that you can enjoy while waiting for your start time, as well as range of board games available.

Arriving later than your start time will cut the length of your experience accordingly. We reserve the right to refuse admission to teams that are late for 20 or more minutes, and unfortunately there will be no refunds or reschedules offered.

What are the prices for tickets?


We have three tier pricing system to accommodate all budgets, and prices* depend on team size:

Team of 3 - £90; Team of 4 - £108; Team of 5 - £120;

*All prices include VAT

Can I get a refund or reschedule the booking?

Enigma Quests is a live event game and once the booking is confirmed, there is no way we can offer refunds

If you would like to reschedule your game, please notify us 72 hours before your slot to avoid extra costs. For any reschedules later than that, full price of their experience will be applied.

In the event where you and your team are no longer available to play but can’t reschedule, we advise to transfer the booking onto someone else’s name and notify us of the change at least 2 hours before the game starts. Please note that bookings cannot be resold at a premium, otherwise the admission will be refused.

For reschedules or changes in the booking, please contact bookings@enigmaquests.london

Can I join a waiting list if the slot I want is booked?

The games are always booked in advance, but if you are hoping for a drop-in session or a specific slot that is already taken, please contact bookings@enigmaquests.london with your details and the time you want. We will get in touch if any slots become available.

Accessibility and special requirements

Unfortunately we do not have wheelchair access to our premises at the moment.

We use background music and sound effects during the game, but it is not necessary to be able to hear it to accomplish the missions.

If you have any special requirements please let us know when booking your game and we will do our best to make your experience as enjoyable as possible

Our facilities

We have a cosy reception area (with tea and cookies!) where you can wait for your game. Lockers will be provided where you can store your belongings during the game.

How to find us

Public transport directions: Best option for arriving is London tube. The closest stations are:

Liverpool Street Station serving Central, Circle, Hammersmith and City lines; it is a 4 minute walk to our location – follow exit signs to Liverpool Street railway station. Once in the station, walk towards platform 1 and keep going straight through shops and on to Eldon Street. You will soon see Wilson Street on your right.

Moorgate station serving Northern, Metropolitan, Circle and Hammersmith and City Lines; it is also a 4 minute walk to our location.

There is a bus stop serving buses number 21, 41 and 141 on Eldon Street, 2 minute walk to our location. Liverpool Street station serves numerous buses, please check here for more details.

Car parking: there are limited pay-and-display parking spaces on Wilson street, as well as a multi-storey parking nearby on NCP Finsbury Square EC2A 1AD (£14 for 2 hours stay, 5 minutes walk to our location) and Broadgate Visitors Car Park, 12 Primrose Street (£7 for 2 hours stay, 6 minutes walk to our location). If arriving by car, please take into account time it will take to find a parking space. Teams late for more than 15 minutes for any reason will be refused admission.

Can I buy a gift voucher for this experience?

We are glad you asked that, it would be an excellent choice for a gift. Please visit our gift vouchers page, where you will be able to choose the team size and pay for the voucher.

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