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The Lounge

Our guests are our priority and we want you to feel welcome during your visit. Full of cozy sofas and soft bean bags, every guest will find their favourite spot in the lounge.

You can always hang out here before or after your experience, and our Quest Masters will always be happy to chat about our rooms or recommend other places worth visiting.

The colourful atmosphere and complimentary hot drinks will set the mood for searching and solving (that is unless you have too much caffeine!).


Board Games

We have been meticulously collecting the coolest card and board games that will exercise your minds and put you in the right mood before your experience starts.

So even if you come earlier than intended, or would like to stay for a little longer, try some of them and let us know what you think!

If you know of awesome games that we might be missing out, please do let us know!



Our quests require players to think and participate actively. Naturally you may feel exhausted after an hour filled with adrenaline, so please don’t shy away from bowls of sweets in the lounge, have a cup of tea, hot chocolate or strong coffee and relax.


Of course we have it, but why would you need it with so many games on offer?


Please be advised that no electronic devices are allowed in the quest rooms. We always suggest you lock your phones, bags and other valuables in the lockers provided in the lounge room before your experience starts.

This is one hour where players must rely on each other and communicate well to succeed, and we found that by leaving all distractions behind, teams truly become immersed in their new surroundings and have the most fun time.

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