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The Million Pound Heist

A Daring Heist Escape Room in the Heart of London


Analysing confidential information. Besting the world's most advanced security network. Cracking the door to a top-secret criminal vault.

That’s just the start. In order to climb the leaderboard of The Million Pound Heist, one of the most devious escape rooms in London, you’ll then need to work together to steal as much money as possible before your hour runs out. The perfect activity for friends, families, and co-workers, only the sharpest minds will be able to claim the full million and their rightful place at the top of our leaderboards. Think you’re up to it?


The Million Pound Heist Escape Room


You and your team of up to 5 intrepid puzzlers have been recruited by the secretive intelligence network E.Q.I.C. (Enigma Quests Intelligence Centre) to take part in a daring heist.

Your target: the secret London vault of notorious criminal gang The Quartet. Working as a team, your job will be to bypass the defence systems, gain access to the vault, and retrieve a sensitive folder for the E.Q.I.C.. Once in the vault, you’ll also be able to take as much money as you can fit into a briefcase, though with just 60 minutes on the clock reaching the full million will be out of reach for all but the most accomplished.

Combining a range of puzzle types, this thrilling escape room will require excellent communication and deduction skills from each team member. While most teams are able to complete their central objective, only the very best will be able to place on our leaderboard. The Million Pound Heist offers fantastic puzzle design in a beautifully recreated series of rooms – the ideal escape room for fans of bank heist movies and TV shows.



Who Can Enjoy Our Escape Rooms?


The Million Pound Heist is designed for teams of 3 to 5, though it can be completed by a skilled team of 2. As with each of our rooms, your Questmaster will be available to offer hints throughout, ensuring that newcomers and experienced questers alike can have a fantastic experience. Only the finest minds will be able to hit the upper echelons of our leaderboard, with all hints incurring a deduction to the final score. If you manage to snag the full million you’ll be joining a small handful of teams each year to do so.

Our heist escape room can be enjoyed by participants of all ages and skill levels, offering a great day out in the heart of London. Here are some of the customers who’ve enjoyed this room:

Live out your bank heist fantasies with up to four friends in the perfect birthday present or evening out. You’ll find your communication skills tested, with the range of puzzle types ensuring that each heister will have a chance to shine.
Our rooms are perfect for all puzzle fans ages 8 and up, and can be an amazing way to bring a family together. Children, teenagers, and adults will all have to be on the same page if they want to hit the leaderboard.
Business Events:
Whether you are looking for a thrilling team-building afternoon or a great way to entertain clients, escape rooms are a great way to build communication skills and have fun. We offer late night time slots perfect for after-work heisting.
Test if your online communication skills translate to a real-world game through The Million Pound Heist, the perfect IRL hangout for gamers.

Where is Our Heist Escape Room Located?

We have three escape rooms at our East London location, which can be found at 2-12 Wilson Street, EC2M 7LS in Shoreditch.

This will be a quick walk from popular locations like St. Paul's Cathedral and the Gherkin, and can also be reached via nearby Tube and rail stations. We ask all teams to arrive 15 minutes before their allotted time so that their Questmaster can introduce them to the world of the game. Each session will last the full hour, with a short review from your Questmaster afterwards, who will count out how much money you have escaped with, and show you your place on the leaderboard.


Ready to Test Your Mettle?


While groups of all abilities will have a great time navigating the fiendish puzzles of The Million Pound Heist, only those who combine amazing communication and deductive skills will be able to escape with the top prize.

Whether you’re looking for an exciting evening out with friends, an activity the whole family can enjoy, or a way to bond with colleagues, we have slots available for our escape rooms in London seven days a week, morning to evening, which can be booked through our website right now.

Do you have what it takes to nab the million?

60 Mins
Length of Game
Minimum Number of Players
Maximum Number of Players
from £105
"it was the best escape room we've done!"
Cat D, 2018

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