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Mind-Bending Escape Rooms For Couples in London


Offering a fantastic shared experience, escape rooms can test the observation skills, problem-solving, and communication of couples. 

Situated within Shoreditch, Enigma Quests offers three of the best immersive escape room experiences in London, each of which can be completed by teams of two. Whether averting disaster on the ocean floor, racing against the clock to complete your wizarding exams, or trying to steal a million pounds from a fearsome criminal gang, you’ll have just 60 minutes to complete a range of devious puzzles within a meticulously detailed multi-room location. 

All of our rooms are available to book today, speak to a member of our team about our special offers for couples.

Contact us today to book as a couple.


Why Are Escape Rooms a Great Couples Activity?

Escape rooms can be the perfect activity for friends, families, and colleagues, but they can also offer a fun experience for couples looking to test their shared abilities.

You’ll need to demonstrate amazing communication skills and shared problem-solving to conquer the challenges of our themed rooms with just two people.

Escape rooms offer a great shared activity for couples, requiring communication and cooperation in order to be successful. The 60-minute time limit of most escape rooms means that they can be included within a date night, offering a uniquely memorable experience.


Our 3 Immersive Escape Rooms in London


We offer three fun and varied escape rooms in Shorditch, each of which can be completed by couples.

Our rooms offer a range of puzzle types, meaning each participant will get a chance to shine. Combining visual elements, physical actions, and carefully hidden clues, our escape rooms will force you to summon all of your reasoning and deduction.

You’ll be guided by a Questmaster, who will offer hints and tips to allow teams of every experience level to have a great time. All three of our rooms are immaculately decorated to immerse players within the world of the game, with varied themes ensuring that we offer something for everyone.

School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

For fans of the fantastical, our School of Witchcraft and Wizardry room features stunning magical decor, tasking each couple with acing their final exams at the world-famous School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

You’ll need to prove your knowledge of Charms, Potions, Defence Against the Dark Arts and more to earn the coveted “Outstanding” grade. This exciting multi-room escape game can be the perfect day out for a couple.

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The Million Pound Heist

In this inventive escape room experience, you’ll be breaking into the top secret vault of the feared London gang The Quartet. Your task is to retrieve a secretive folder within the main vault, however… you will have another, separate task.

Within the vault itself, there are numerous secondary puzzles allowing you to use your full hour in order to steal as much money as possible. Getting to the full million pounds will be out of reach for all but the most skilled players, and it will take moxie, teamwork, and brains to reach the upper echelons of our leaderboard.

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Submarine: Mission Wavebreak

A nuclear submarine sits at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, ready to detonate in a blast that would be catastrophic for humanity. But luckily, there is hope.

The two of you will be agents smuggled aboard, identifying clues left behind in order to stop the launch, with just one attempt at the final challenge. Submarine: Mission Wavebreak is a particularly great room for two people, with smaller teams often performing better.

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How to Book Our Escape Rooms For Two People

Our escape rooms can be booked 7 days a week, with 7 pm and 8:30 pm slots available.

You’ll find us at 2-12 Wilson Street, EC2M 7LS, in Shoreditch. This location is a short walk from London destinations like St Paul’s Cathedral and the Gherkin.

It’s also a short walk from Liverpool Street station, allowing easy access via tube or train stations. We ask for teams to arrive 15 minutes before their time slot, to allow a full introduction from their Questmaster.

When booking for two people, simply contact us through our website to enquire about slots.


Book a Fun Couples Escape Room Today


For a date with a difference or a challenge for you and a friend, our three escape rooms offer a complex and engaging activity for two people.

Whether proving your magical abilities, averting a global disaster, or filling your pockets with criminal riches, Enigma Quests offers some of the best escape rooms in London.

Contact us today to book a couples’ escape room in London.


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