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Are Escape Rooms Dangerous For UK Players?

The concept of an escape room can be worrying for some players, from those concerned about being locked within a space, or those who are nervous about safety standards across the industry. We’re here to show you how safe escape rooms are, from the stringent safety standards all UK businesses will need to follow, to the constant presence of a game master for all teams. 

Escape rooms are fun, exciting, and most importantly, safe, for players of all ages.

The Escape Room Safety Standards All UK Locations Must Meet

Like any commercial property within the UK, all escape rooms must meet a variety of building regulations, each of which is designed to ensure the safety of all those within, both staff and players.

  • Fire Safety: You will NEVER be locked within an escape room, meaning that in the event of a fire, you will always be able to open the door and evacuate to the emergency exit as standard. As commercial buildings, indoor escape rooms will have fire doors, extinguishers, and alarms located throughout. They will also conduct thorough fire risk assessments and will have clearly marked escape routes from the building.
  • Health and Safety: All escape rooms will comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act, ensuring the safety of players and staff. This will include regular risk assessments of the property, with protective measures implemented when hazards are identified. All escape rooms are required to have a stocked first aid kit.
  • Electrical Safety: All electrics are subject to the Electricity at Work Regulations, ensuring safe and functional systems that are installed, checked, and maintained by qualified professionals. From electrical sockets to lights, everything will need to be assessed as safe.
  • Building Safety: Escape-the-room games are typically located within converted buildings. The building itself, and all alterations must comply with the 2010 Building Regulations, covering fire, electricity, ventilation, and accessibility.

The same rules that keep hotels, shops, and other buildings we use safe keep escape rooms safe too.

How Escape Rooms Ensure Player Safety

Escape room companies such as Enigma Quests want all players to have a great time, which means building and maintaining an environment where both minor and major accidents are avoided. This will come from abiding by health and safety regulations, regular risk assessments looking for hazards, and common sense safety measures.

Another reason that escape room players can relax and enjoy themselves is the presence of a gamemaster, or questmaster as we like to call them, throughout their game time. When you play an escape room game you will be accompanied by a member of staff throughout, who’ll introduce you to the room itself and the world of the game, and then accompany you over the radio throughout your play session.

This means that should anything happen within an escape room, from a slip to an unrelated health emergency, a member of staff will be there ready to offer help, from administering first aid to calling an ambulance.

Avoiding Hazards Through Responsible Player Behaviour

While there will be thorough standards and health and safety practices within escape rooms, it’s also important for players to behave responsibly. Escape room games are designed to be navigated carefully, with a variety of moving pieces and elements. Players should dress appropriately in comfortable clothing that won’t get caught within the various elements of the room. Running, climbing, or other energetic activities should also be avoided, as escape rooms are not designed around them, and players could get hurt.

How Escape Rooms Can Accommodate Specific Player Needs

Escape rooms in the UK are largely run by enthusiasts, who want everyone that visits to have a fantastic time. This extends to accommodating the needs of as many players as possible. 

For instance, a player who may not be able to stand for the entirety of a game could be helped through an additional chair placed in the room for them, or dim lighting could be altered for a player with limited vision. This could also mean your game master offering hints or outright answers for puzzle elements that players struggle with.

Some players, especially first-time players, may also be concerned about escape rooms being scary or otherwise uncomfortable for them. In most cases, if you call ahead the room operators will be able to give you upfront information about what will happen in the room, and in some circumstances, parts of the game such as sound effects, lighting, and jump scares can be altered or turned off should players wish to play without them. As stated before, you will always be able to exit the room whenever you need to, though the timer will not be paused.

Our Fantastic Escape Rooms in London

Located in Shoreditch, a brief walk from both tube and train links, Enigma Quests offers 3 brilliant escape rooms. Designed around teams of 3 to 5, each 60-minute game combines brilliant and varied puzzles, compelling stories, and immaculately detailed rooms.

  • Submarine: Mission Wavebreak: This undersea adventure tasks your team with infiltrating the deck of a hijacked submarine, with just 60 minutes to avert a catastrophic launch.
  • School of Witchcraft and Wizardry: Go on a fantastical journey to the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in this room, where you’ll need to work together across this magical space in order to achieve the top grade on your final exams.
  • The Million Pound Heist: This inventive heist-themed room requires you to navigate the complex security systems guarding a criminal vault deep under London. Should you make it, you’ll also be able to nab up to a million in cash, with places on our leaderboard for teams that perform best.

We have slots available 7 days a week for all games, including evening sessions. Whether looking for a birthday party, weekend hangout, or team-building activity, book through our website today.