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Can You Do an Escape Room While Pregnant?

When pregnant, your health and the health of your baby need to take priority. While escape rooms clearly do not pose the same risks as more physical activities, many are concerned about the potential issues that could arise, whether they are pregnant themselves or looking for a group activity with a pregnant team member.

Can I Do an Escape Room When Pregnant?

In most cases, yes! Escape rooms are (in their standard designs) about puzzles, patterns, and item manipulation, making them a safe activity that pregnant women can do. There are however a few factors to keep in mind, and it’s these factors that mean we always recommend calling ahead with any concerns. Escape rooms are typically run by enthusiasts who will be able to make adjustments to accommodate the needs of their players, ensuring that everyone has a fantastic time.

Physical Activity

Escape rooms do not typically involve physical activity, but in our experience there are some exceptions to that rule. Certain rooms may require one member of the team to crawl through smaller spaces to reach a different area, for instance. In these cases, a pregnant team member will usually be able to delegate such tasks to others, and as the central puzzles within the room will not revolve around physical actions, they can still play an active role and enjoy the experience. 

Our rooms always have a space to sit, meaning you will not need to stand for the full hour, and in most cases, escape rooms will be able to accommodate pregnant players in the same way, such as placing an additional chair within the room.

Loud Noises and Jump Scares

Escape rooms are rarely static, with moving pieces, additional areas, and exciting effects. When pregnant, such factors could be a cause for concern. Certainly, there are horror-themed escape rooms which can have jump-scare effects or loud noises at points. 

If you have any concerns about such features, we always recommend calling in advance. In many cases, rooms will be able to adjust or disable certain elements to ensure a comfortable environment for all players. 

Toilet Breaks

Despite the name, you’ll never find yourself truly locked within an escape room, and can leave at any point. This means that should a pregnant team member need to visit the toilet during the game they can simply leave and return. 

It’s worth noting that escape rooms run on strict time limits (usually 60 minutes) and due to the way appointments are spaced out, the timer will not be paused during bathroom breaks.

How Can Pregnant Women Be Sure an Escape Room is Right For Them?

If you have concerns about taking part in an escape room while pregnant, we’d recommend talking to two people, either your midwife or GP, and the owners of the room in question.

A doctor or midwife will be able to give clear advice about suitable activities at your stage of pregnancy. If you have concerns about specific elements of the room, such as seating or noises, speak to the company in question. Escape room owners are friendly and always ready to offer clear information about the content of their rooms. They’ll also be able to accommodate your individual needs in most cases.

Our East London Escape Rooms Suitable For Pregnant Players

Enigma Quests offers 3 fantastic escape rooms in London, each of which is suitable for pregnant players. Located in Shoreditch, a quick walk from both tube and train connections, each room combines devious puzzles and fantastic decor to transport teams of 3 to 5 to magical or dangerous worlds:

  • School of Witchcraft and Wizardry: This room tasks players with passing their exams at a prestigious school for magicians, where their skills will be tested across topics like potions, charms, and defence against the dark arts.
  • Submarine: Mission Wavebreak: This nautical room takes players to the inside of a submarine on the ocean floor, with just 60 minutes to prevent a catastrophe. This room requires excellent teamwork and careful deduction, with only a single attempt at the final puzzle.
  • The Million Pound Heist: Perfect for lovers of heist films, this room tasks your team with cracking the vault of a dangerous London gang. With its unique scoring system, only the best players will reach the end with the full million.

Each room is available to book 7 days a week, with both daytime and evening sessions. Whether booking a birthday party, a team-building exercise, or just looking for a great activity, our rooms are a brilliant choice. Be sure to contact us beforehand with any accommodations we can make to assist pregnant players.

Book one of our amazing escape rooms today.