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How Many People Are Allowed in an Escape Room?

Escape Rooms are built around teamwork and collaboration, with each extra player able to add to the deductive reasoning and multitasking of their group. However, there can be a cut-off point, either from the design of the game, or from your group size, where larger numbers can cause chaos.

How Many Players Are Needed For An Escape Room?

Most escape rooms are designed for between 2 and 6 players, with 60 minutes on the clock to complete an ultimate objective. Our games for instance are primarily designed around 3 to 5 players, though we do allow for fewer or more players on request. Escape rooms tend to require more than one player, and will also usually have an upper limit on players due to the size of the room.

The Benefits of Smaller Groups For Escape Rooms

While it might stand to reason that a larger group is the obvious preference, this isn’t always the case. In our experience, a tighter unit can more easily delegate and communicate, with everyone playing an active role in the puzzle-solving. 

In our escape room Submarine: Mission Wavebreak we often see smaller groups of 2 or 3 perform better for this very reason. If you’re all up to the challenge, smaller groups are also likely to mean that you’ll accomplish more yourself.

The Benefits of Large Groups For Escape Rooms

In escape rooms it can be easy to get stumped by a particular puzzle, and in those cases being able to take a step away and let someone else have a go can often be the best solution. Having a larger group can allow additional puzzles to be tackled at the same time, a benefit within more complex escape room games. 

The clear drawbacks from larger groups are that voices get lost in the shuffle, or that some players find themselves feeling a little left out of things. The key when playing with a larger group is to make sure everyone is taking part and to emphasise great communication.

What’s the Largest Number of People Who Can Be in An Escape Room?

When looking at physical escape rooms, you’ll find rare examples where you can have teams of 10 or 12 players, though in most cases rooms won’t reach these levels, as it will require completely different designs and larger spaces. If looking to take part in one of the virtual “escape room” activities that became popular during Covid, you’ll often find examples that can be scaled to a much larger group, though of course, we’d argue that you won’t be receiving the true escape room experience.

Playing Our Escape Rooms With Larger Groups of People

Some escape room companies like Enigma Quests offer multiple rooms from the same location, which can often be the best way to cater to a larger group. While it’s not quite the same as all being together, it ensures that everyone involved has a great experience that ends at the same time. 

This can be the best solution for larger groups of friends or team-building trips. Our 3 escape rooms allow up to 15 people to have a fantastic and immersive experience simultaneously.

Our Brilliant Escape Rooms in East London

Enigma Quests offer 3 escape rooms from our Shoreditch location, easily accessed from nearby train and tube connections. Each room is designed around teams of 3 to 5, though teams of 2 or 6 are available upon request. 

We come highly recommended through online reviews on sites like Tripadvisor. Our 3 rooms offer complex, varied puzzles, beautiful decor, and more than a few surprises along the way:

  • School of Witchcraft and Wizardry: Step foot into a world of magic and wonder in this room, where your team will be tasked with passing a series of finals tests at the prestigious School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You’ll need to bring your A-game to receive the ultimate “Outstanding” grade.
  • Submarine: Mission Wavebreak: On the ocean floor, a submarine is hurtling towards disaster, and only your team members will be able to stop it. This thrilling room will give you just one attempt at its final puzzle, so you’ll need to focus as a team to save the world.
  • The Million Pound Heist: This unique room tasks your team with cracking the elaborate security systems of a criminal bank vault. Once inside, you’ll be able to nab up to a million, though only the best teams get the full amount. Ready to challenge our leaderboards?

We have slots available all week, including evenings and weekends. Book your amazing escape experience today.