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Our Amazing Escape Room Themes

Every escape room will have its own theme, which will inform room layouts, puzzles, decorations, and more. The fun of escape rooms comes not just from the devious puzzles your group will need to solve, but from being immersed within the world and story of the room. Enigma Quests runs three brilliant escape rooms in Shoreditch, transporting players to worlds of magic, espionage, and high-stakes crime.

The Importance of Escape Room Themes

Escape rooms have built a dedicated fandom across the world in recent years, with many players travelling across the UK to experience the different rooms on offer. Each room will be unique, in puzzles, layout, and themes. While the fundamentals of escape room games such as interconnected puzzles, a gamemaster, and a 60-minute time limit tend to remain the same, the sheer wealth of themes can provide dramatically different experiences. 

Whether trapped in a haunted mansion, racing against time to solve a murder, or trying to rob a precious jewel, you’ll be immersed in a meticulously detailed environment that transports you and your team into the world of the game.

What Are the Most Popular Escape Room Themes?

While you’ll find a huge amount of variety across the industry, there are several common themes in the UK. When looking for good themes for an escape room, most choose ideas that are appealing to audiences, and that will work well within a confined space. Here are some of the common themes you’ll see:

  • Murder Mystery: Readers have been thrilled by the locked room mysteries of writers like Agatha Christie for over a century, and they offer the perfect theme for an escape room. Placing teams within a small space filled with clues, suspects, and secrets can make for a truly immersive experience.
  • Prison Break: Escape rooms grew from popular “Escape the room” games online, and a prison break offers the perfect story to build around that theme, tasking players with escaping to freedom in just an hour. Conjuring films like Shawshank Redemption and Papillon, the prison break is an iconic story for many.
  • Heists: Tasking players with stealing an item within their time limit, the heist is a fantastic theme for an escape room, which is why we designed our Million Pound Heist room, building off our love of films like the Oceans series.

Our 3 Immersive Escape Room Themes

We operate 3 fantastic escape rooms from our Shoreditch location, each of which is themed around some of our favourite stories and genres.

School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Our first escape room transports players into the realm of magic, where they become novices at the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and must succeed at 6 magical subjects, from Ancient Runes to Defence Against the Dark Arts, as part of their final exams. Teams will need to demonstrate their magical aptitude across every subject to get the highest “Outstanding” grade.

This escape room theme informed every aspect of the layout and puzzle design, from the magic props to the candles and paintings decorating each room. We further immerse players through exciting effects, and several surprises waiting for them.

Submarine: Mission Wavebreak

This escape room finds your team on a secret mission, aboard a nuclear submarine that has been taken over by a shadowy group now threatening to unleash a massive global tsunami. With just 60 minutes on the clock, your team will need to navigate the deck of the submarine, following clues left by a rebel member of the group. Should you manage to solve all other puzzles, you’ll have just one attempt at the finale, with the fate of the world resting in your hands.

This escape room theme is inspired by the many amazing films set aboard submarines, and places players within a detailed setting, helping to draw them into the story and ratchet up the tension as they move towards the final puzzle.

The Million Pound Heist

This room is designed for lovers of heist movies, tasking teams with infiltrating the underground vault of a feared London gang, The Quartet. Inside their vault, The Quartet store their exhaustive haul of stolen artwork and counterfeit currency, alongside a folder of documents you’ll need to retrieve for your employer. You’ll need to crack the extensive security systems guarding the vault, working your way past locks, laser grids, and more.

If you manage to retrieve the documents within your 60 minutes, a second objective is available, stealing up to a million pounds from inside the vault. This will require attention to detail, amazing teamwork, and careful time management. This escape room theme is really brought to life through decorations, storytelling, and effects. For the best players, we have a leaderboard showcasing the few teams each year who reach the full million.

Book Your Escape Experience Today

Enigma Quests is based in Shoreditch, East London, a short walk from local underground and rail stations, making it easy to access for both Londoners and those visiting the city. We run sessions 7 days a week, with daytime and evening slots available. Throughout you’ll be guided by one of our questmasters over the radio, who’ll be able to give you pointers when needed, ensuring that teams at every skill level can have a great experience. Games are offered for teams of 3 to 5, though we accept teams of 2 or 6 upon request. 

Whether you’re saving the world aboard a nuclear submarine, entering a world of magic, or breaking the high-tech security of a criminal bank vault, our games offer fantastic puzzle design, engaging stories, and meticulously detailed rooms to explore. Book your next escape room experience through our site today.