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Thrilling escape rooms for families in London

For established puzzlers and novices alike, an escape room is the perfect family day out in London.

Unleash Your Inner Sleuths

Enigma Quests build devious escape rooms filled with mind-bending puzzles, exciting effects, and detailed environments, offering a thrilling day out for the whole family. 

Operating 3 distinct rooms from our East London HQ, we’ll transport children aged 9 and up, teenagers, and parents alike to worlds of magic, deep-sea espionage, and crime fighting. It’s an incredible opportunity to bring the whole family together and create lasting memories.

Our meticulously designed escape rooms challenge your family to work together, solve puzzles, and conquer obstacles in an immersive and thrilling environment, with just 60 minutes on the clock. You’ll be guided throughout by a Questmaster, who’ll ensure that everyone, be they a first-time player or an experienced escapee, has a brilliant time.

Each of our rooms is available to book today, ready to offer an unforgettable journey for the entire family.

The perfect family activity

  • Amazing family experiences packed with surprises
  • Brilliant for players of all ages, bringing kids, teens, and parents together
  • Fantastic London location with a quick walk from both tube and train stations
  • Simple online booking system allows you to secure your room months in advance

Three Exciting Escape Experiences

Our escape rooms in London blend engaging storylines with a variety of puzzles, requiring the whole family to get involved if they want to emerge victorious. You’ll be transported to one of three distinct settings, each brought vividly to life through decorations and effects.

Small picture of School of Witchcraft and Wizardry escape room

Your family are students at the prestigious School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and it’s the day of your final exams. You’ll need to collaborate to achieve the highest ” Outstanding ” grade. This room is designed to ignite the imaginations of children and parents alike, encouraging close teamwork and problem-solving skills.

Small picture of The Million Pound Heist escape room

In this high-tech room, you’ll become part of an audacious plan to crack the vaults of a notorious London gang. With its unique scoring leaderboard, this room is the perfect choice for any family looking to prove their mettle.

Small picture of Submarine Mission Wavebreak escape room

Deep beneath the ocean waves, a rogue group has hijacked a submarine, and only one thing stands between them and a global disaster… your family! This creative room takes you into an immersive submarine environment, with various puzzles that prioritise team communication.


Brilliant experience from start to end.

Puzzles were challenging and exciting!

Excited to go again in the future.

Andrew Tan-Mulligan

A great room (School of Witchcraft and Wizardary) with fun puzzles that had my seasoned escape room mind scrambling. Tom was an excellent game host and overly accommodating to my family. A must do when you’re visiting London!

Christie McLarty

Such a great experience would definatly be booking again, all the puzzels were so creative and well thought out our host Jonny was a star... loved every minute.

Domonique Evans

Really friendly team. Fun games, we really enjoyed it and so did the 3 kids aged 7-9.

Gareth Jones

We went for my daughter's 11th birthday, me and 4 x 11 year olds, and escaped from the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. We had a blast! I was a bit worried it might be too hard but the puzzles were the right mix of tricky but solvable once we had cracked the logic. Will definitely be back to try another room.

Lucy Davies

A great experience. Did the witchcraft and wizardry room. No need to solve all clues in order which means you can progress through the subjects faster. A good selection of puzzles to solve. The staff were very good at reading the room. Highly recommend.

Natasha Bell-Asher

We had a fantastic time in the submarine escape. This was our second visit and the first was million pound heist. Tom is excellent and we had a fun time. Highly recommended.

Prateesh Trivedi

Bring the Whole Family Together

Our escape rooms are a fantastic activity for the whole family, engaging those of all ages and helping to drive teamwork. With great rooms, and simple, friendly service, Enigma Quests have earned hundreds of fantastic reviews from customers across the UK.

Fun for All Ages

It can be a nightmare to find an activity that the whole family can actually enjoy together, whether that’s from distracted children, or bored teens and parents. Thanks to their dynamic puzzles and exciting locations filled with dazzling effects and props, escape rooms can truly engage players of all ages.

Build Communication

Escape rooms offer a fantastic opportunity if you’re looking for an effortlessly entertaining way to build communication across your family. The range of interconnected puzzles within each room means you’ll need to communicate continuously to succeed. Enhance your families’ teamwork and communication as you work together to unravel mysteries, solve puzzles, and accomplish shared goals within our captivating rooms.

Suitable For Younger Players

Many escape rooms can be unsuitable for children, whether that’s in terms of content, scary effects within the rooms, or just the type and difficulty of the puzzles. We’ve welcomed families from across the UK, with our rooms designed for children aged 9 and up, and clear information about content available in advance if needed.

Great For First-Time Players

The best escape rooms include a wide variety of puzzles, from pattern recognition to logic, hidden symbols, and physical items to be combined. This range of puzzles means that players young and old will be able to meaningfully engage. You’ll also be accompanied over the radio by one of our Questmasters throughout, able to offer pointers if you get stuck.

Great Prices

Taking the whole family out in London can be prohibitively expensive, with sky-high ticket prices for everything from activities like escape rooms to famous landmarks. Enigma Quests provides cost-effective solutions that deliver an extraordinary experience for the family without breaking the bank. We have upfront set prices regardless of the date and time, and no hidden fees.

Simple booking

Booking your escape room experience at Enigma Quests is a breeze. Through our user-friendly website, you can easily reserve slots for each of our captivating rooms, with games running seven days a week.

Finding us

Each room is designed for 3-5 players, though we can accommodate 6 on request. We are conveniently located at 2-12 Wilson Street, EC2M 7LS, a short walk from tube or train links, making us easy to access for both London residents and visitors.

We ask players to arrive 15 minutes before their time slot, allowing their Questmaster to do a full introduction to both the rules of our escape rooms and the story of the game they’ll be playing.

Your Questmaster will also be available over the radio throughout your game, ready to assist and guide you if needed, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable journey through the puzzles and challenges, regardless of your experience.

With our accessible location, simple booking process, and expert guidance, you can dive into the excitement and magic of our escape rooms with ease. Book your slot now and prepare for a thrilling experience like no other.

Book Today

Our pulse-pounding escape rooms captivate and engage adventurers of all ages, bringing families closer together, fostering communication, improving teamwork, and building lasting memories.

Located in the heart of London, our venue is within easy reach of tube and train connections, allowing you to seamlessly incorporate our escape rooms into your family day out in the city.

Book now and discover the excitement that awaits at Enigma Quests. Prepare for an unforgettable experience that will challenge, entertain, and unite your family like never before.