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Are Escape Rooms Physically Demanding?

Escape rooms have experienced a surge in popularity over the last decade, offering an exciting collaborative activity within a beautifully designed space. Each escape room is different, taking players from magical kingdoms to secretive bank vaults, which means that players with limited mobility will naturally have questions before they play an escape room.

Will Standard Escape Rooms be Physically Demanding?

By and large, escape rooms are tests of the mind rather than of the body, so while they will require items to be moved and interacted with, and spaces to be explored, there will be nothing physically taxing involved. 

Escape rooms are themed rooms containing several interconnected puzzles, which a group of people will have to solve within 60 minutes in order to win. These rooms could take you everywhere from a haunted mansion to a submarine to a nuclear shelter, with immersive decor bringing you into the story of each game. Puzzle-solving in an escape room will involve manipulating objects, inputting codes, and much more, but most rooms will specifically stress that no physical force is needed, to protect all room elements from damage.

If you have any questions about the physical actions needed to complete a room, or the accessibility of an escape room in general, it’s always worth contacting a room ahead of time.

What Physical Actions Could be Needed?

Within escape rooms, there will typically be items that are moved and utilised in different areas of a room, such as handles, keys, and more. This could pose some issues for players with limited mobility. Similarly, escape rooms are typically laid out as a series of spaces which will need to be explored across your play time, with the original area opening up with one or two additional ones. This could pose issues for those with limited mobility as back-and-forth travel will be required between these rooms.

Some escape rooms will have more physically demanding elements, for instance, many contain small spaces that must be crawled through to reach certain areas. This can cause issues for a variety of players with physical limitations. 

Will an Escape Room be Able to Make Adjustments For Players?

Escape room companies like Enigma Quests are often run by enthusiasts, who will be looking to create and run spaces that are accessible to as many players as possible. When it comes to the design of each escape room, things like floor space, seating, and interactable elements will all be considered.

If you or any member of your team have any concerns about the physical demands of an escape room it’s important to call ahead or email, in order to establish both whether the room will be suitable for your team, and whether any adjustments can be made.

While certain elements of each room will sadly be set in stone, others can be adjusted. This could mean putting chairs within different areas of the room, or having the gamemaster offer you information that allows a physically demanding element of the room to be skipped.

Our Brilliant Escape Rooms in East London

Enigma Quests operates 3 varied escape rooms from our Shoreditch location, easily accessed from nearby underground and rail stations. Each of our rooms is designed for 3 to 5 players, though we can accommodate couples and teams of 6. We aim for our games to be suitable for those aged 9 and up, challenging the problem-solving skills of friends, families, and colleagues. 

Our escape the room games transport players to impeccably detailed environments full of fiendish puzzles:

  • Submarine Mission Wavebreak: In this thrilling race against time you and your team will be smuggled about the deck of a deep-sea submarine threatening global armageddon. With 60 minutes on the clock, you’ll need to navigate the rooms of the sub and stop the impending missile launch, with just one attempt at the final puzzle.
  • School of Witchcraft and Wizardry: This room is sure to please magic fans everywhere, taking players to stunning fantasy location, where they’ll be sitting their final exams at the renowned School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. From charms to potions, your team will need to master each subject to get the ultimate grade of “Outstanding”.
  • The Million Pound Heist: Our final escape room offers a unique experience for players, tasking you with gaining entry to the underground vault of a London gang, where you’ll be retrieving a folder of sensitive documents. Once inside, you’ll have the rest of your hour to secure as much money as you can, with only the very best leaving with the full million. Could you have what it takes to join our leaderboards?

Our rooms are available to book online today, with slots 7 days a week, including evening. Book an escape room today, and make sure to speak to us about any accessibility needs you have beforehand.