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Are Escape Rooms Scary and Do They Contain Jumpscares?

Escape rooms are an amazing group activity, offering a creative, fun, and challenging time. For those who’ve never completed an escape room before, there can be worries about scary elements within escape rooms, particularly jump scares. 

Are Escape Rooms Scary?

The first and most important thing to state is that escape rooms will never lock you inside. While you may be locked in a room within the story, if at any point you wish to leave you’ll be able to do so. Escape rooms will also usually be large enough to fit at least five people comfortably, for those who have issues with confined spaces.

Every escape room is built around a theme, and certain themes naturally lend themselves to scarier effects, room designs, and sound clips. An escape room themed around classic horror or fantasy such as a haunted house is more likely to have elements such as smoke effects, dark lighting, and decorations involving elements that could make some uncomfortable. 

On the other hand, an escape room themed around something like a victorian mansion, a bank heist, or a spaceship will be unlikely to contain such elements. Escape rooms are run by enthusiasts who want all customers to have a great time. If you have concerns about the content of an escape room you should always contact the hosts in advance and ask them. 

They’ll be able to clear up any worries you might have and point you towards rooms that you’ll enjoy.

Do Escape Rooms Have Jump Scares?

Jump scares are a deal breaker for many, including those who can tolerate other horror elements within a scary escape room. The honest answer to this question is that some escape rooms will have jump scares and frightening elements, but this will usually only occur within horror-themed escape rooms. 

Like before, the owners of escape rooms will be able to answer whatever questions you might have, helping you pick an experience that’s right for you.

What to Expect From an Escape Room

Escape Rooms are live-action puzzle rooms, where a group of people work together to solve an interconnected series of physical, visual, and written puzzles within a set time limit. 

Taking place in a themed room or series of rooms, escape games now exist across the world, amassing a dedicated audience of friends, families, and colleagues. Escape rooms are typically an hour in length, with a dedicated game master guiding you through each room over a loudspeaker.

A huge variety of escape rooms are available, both in terms of size, complexity, puzzle designs, and in terms of themes. Escape room experiences can take you back into the past, to worlds of fantasy and magic, or to the contemporary underworld of crime and spycraft. Whatever the theme, you’ll need to work together to find success, with escape rooms requiring teamwork and deductive reasoning.

Are Escape Rooms Difficult?

Escape rooms are designed for both experienced puzzlers and beginners alike. In most escape rooms you will be able to communicate with a game master throughout, who can offer hints and pointers to help you solve puzzles within the room. 

For more accomplished escapees, game masters can simply offer fewer hints, or can be asked not to offer any help at all. Some escape room companies will offer several rooms of varied difficulties, while others like Enigma Quest design all of their rooms to offer a balanced difficulty. 

Escape rooms aim to offer a great experience for everyone who visits, and will regularly host visitors who have never completed one before.

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We want all our customers to have a brilliant time, so if you have any questions about the content of our games, ask us over email or social media.

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