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Why Escape Rooms Are Good For Team Building

Escape Rooms transport teams to fantastical locations, where they’ll have just 60 minutes to complete a series of devious puzzles. Having worked with a huge range of companies, big and small, we know that they are a fantastic team-building activity.

The Benefits of Escape Rooms For Team Building

Team building is a fantastic way to bring coworkers together, through collaborative activities that help to improve teamwork and communication while showcasing group dynamics. Here are 5 of the key reasons why an escape room is a great choice for your next team-building activity:

The Perfect Shared Social Activity 

Escape rooms are an ideal shared activity, suited for novices and experienced players alike. The fundamentals of escape rooms are easy to grasp, with our hosts giving a quick introduction to teams before they start. With a concentrated 60 minutes on the clock, escape rooms will keep every participant’s attention throughout. 

They involve creative decor, varied puzzles, and exciting effects, with a pulse-quickening timer counting down from the second you begin. Having a shared goal to focus on can be a great way to get to know each other, perfect for integrating and building trust with newer team members.

While the difficulty of escape rooms can vary, most (including Enigma Quests) will pair you with a host, or Questmaster as we call them. Your host will help to bring you into the world of the game, and will be available via radio throughout, able to make sure that you stay on the right track. Through some gentle hints, your Questmaster can ensure that a team completing their first escape room can still have a thrilling and satisfying experience.

Working Together To Achieve a Common Goal

Escape rooms are designed to be solved by teams, with a wealth of different puzzle types meaning that each participant can have their own time to shine. Many of the puzzles within them will physically require more than one person to solve, with puzzle elements that can be manipulated across rooms, and complex clues that will require multiple people to decipher.

The whole team will be working together towards a shared goal, which depending on the room could be averting a disaster, finding the clues needed to solve a crime, or simply escaping the room within 60 minutes. Having a shared goal means your full team will share in the successes or failures.

Develop Problem-Solving Skills

While the goals of your escape room are unlikely to have a direct parallel to a workplace environment (it’s not every day that you have to solve a murder at work), the skills you’ll need to apply in order to succeed will have a range of benefits back at work. From memory to pattern recognition, time management skills, and lateral thinking, escape rooms are a fun and creative environment to encourage positive skill development across a team.

Build Communication Skills

Communication skills are crucial to a great team at work, and escape rooms are the perfect activity to build knowledge and engagement across yours. As there are multiple different puzzles and elements within each room, a team will need to keep each other aware of their progress. 

Many escape rooms also require information to be shared across rooms or between rooms, for instance with one team member reading information from a wall, which is then used to solve a puzzle on the other side of the room by a different player. Being able to communicate the right information quickly and clearly will help your team to accomplish goals, and ensure that everyone is on the same page. 

An escape room can be the perfect place to develop these skills.

Find Everyone’s Role Within a Team

In addition to developing personal and interpersonal skills, corporate team-building activities can be an excellent way to get a better understanding of how a team works together, and of the roles each team member plays within the dynamic. 

Within the strict time limits of an escape, clear roles for each member tend to appear. Thanks to the variety of puzzles included, everyone is able to contribute, but within a lot of escape games a natural team leader tends to emerge. 

Seeing the strengths and weaknesses of how a team engages within this space can offer valuable information to apply to the working environment.

Test Your Team in Our Thrilling Escape Rooms in Shoreditch

Enigma Quests offers 3 dynamic escape room games from our London location, easily reached by train and tube. Ace your magical finals in The School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, break into a criminal vault in The Million Pound Heist, or avert disaster on the bottom of the sea in Submarine: Mission Wavebreak

Each of our rooms is perfect for a team building activity, designed for 3 to 5 players. Our Questmasters will be there to help all teams have a great time, regardless of experience level. We have slots available 7 days a week, including evening times.

For a fantastic team-building experience in London, book an escape room from Enigma Quests today.