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What to Wear to an Escape Room

Escape rooms offer a creative and thrilling time for friends, family, and colleagues, setting you loose in a detailed room full of interconnected puzzles, with just 60 minutes on the clock to complete your objectives and escape the room. 

The best clothing to wear to an escape room will allow you comfort and movement, or for those looking to fully immerse themselves, you could even try dressing up!

Is There a Dress Code For Escape Room Clothing?

The vast majority of escape rooms, including our own, will not have a dress code. We want everyone who takes part in our rooms to have fun and be comfortable, which starts with wearing the clothes they want to wear. However, if you want to have the best possible experience, we have a few clothing tips.

What Should I Wear in an Escape Room?

A general rule of thumb is to prioritise wearing comfortable clothing that won’t get caught within any of the various items or scenery around the room. Here are some specific clothing items we would recommend visitors to our escape rooms wear:

  • Comfortable Shoes: You’ll be on your feet for the full hour so comfortable footwear is a must. Trainers or flat work shoes should be fine, while options like high heels are best avoided. If you need to arrive in uncomfortable footwear, it’s a good idea to slip a pair of sandals or flip-flops into your bag beforehand.
  • Non-Constrictive Clothing: You’ll be needing to move throughout the rooms across your hour, with some puzzles requiring multiple areas to be interacted with at once. Clothing that allows you to move easily is a must.
  • Glasses or Contacts: Escape rooms contain a wide range of clues, from visual, to auditory, to physical. It’s crucial that you are able to read the screens, pages, and decorations in each of our rooms. If you rely on glasses or contacts they are a must for the best experience.
  • Hearing Aids: If you have any issues with sound a hearing aid is a must. Escape rooms will usually contain audio clues, be that music, voice acting, or signals. If you have any concerns about the use of audio clues within a room, ask ahead for information.

Are There Any Clothing Items I Should Avoid Wearing?

Similarly, there are a few items you should specifically avoid when taking part in an escape room:

  • Rucksacks or Bags: Most escape rooms come with lockers to store items like backpacks or handbags, as they can cause issues within rooms. They’ll be a tripping hazard if left on the floor and can knock or obscure puzzle elements within confined spaces.
  • Loose Clothing: Flowing items get caught within mechanical elements of the room, interfering with your ability to solve puzzles. This could be larger dresses or items with tassels.
  • Heavy Layers: Escape rooms will normally be temperature controlled, with a team of between 3 and 5 working together within a confined space. Wearing heavy clothing and multiple layers could make solving puzzles an uncomfortable experience for you.

Wearing Costumes to an Escape Room

While keeping these fundamental concepts in mind, an escape room is also the perfect opportunity to dress up, whether having a themed birthday party or a team-building event with work. Here are some great costume ideas for our 3 thrilling escape experiences:

  • School of Witchcraft and Wizardry: Our magical escape room is the perfect excuse to break out the wands. Witches and wizards alike can break out the pointy hats, white beards, and green face paint.
  • The Million Pound Heist: This high-stakes heist was inspired by movies like Oceans 11 and the Thomas Crown affair, so why not bring a little class to your evening by dressing in your best formalwear?
  • Submarine: Mission Wavebreak: This pulse-pounding undersea espionage room is your chance to become superspies. Wear your best infiltration gear, or go old school with a duffel coat and hat.

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