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Corporate Escape Rooms in London

Build communication, trust, and teamwork within our amazing immersive experiences.

Organise Your Fantastic Escape Room Experience

Enigma Quests is your go-to destination for thrilling escape room adventures in London, working with corporate teams from across our capital and beyond to deliver memorable experiences. Handled by a friendly, experienced team, we’re champions at organising events for corporate groups both big and small.
Our trio of immersive escape games are more than just a great time, they’re a fantastic way to enhance communication, teamwork and group unity among colleagues.

Situated in the heart of East London, our rooms can either be booked individually through this website, or we can work on a simple corporate package for you. Speak to a friendly member of our team to get started.

The Perfect Team Building

  • Elevate your team building across 3 exciting and creative escape rooms
  • Develop communication and planning through engaging team-focused puzzles
  • Our East London location is a short walk from tube and train stations
  • Extensive experience with corporate clients, including tailored packages

Our Exciting Escape Experiences

We’ve been the choice for corporate teams for many years, offering a streamlined, simple service:

Small picture of School of Witchcraft and Wizardry escape room

With just an hour on the clock, your team will need to work together to complete every stage of their magical exams and graduate with the highest possible grade of “Outstanding”

Small picture of The Million Pound Heist escape room

This innovative room tasks teams with cracking the vaults of a feared London gang and making it out alive, with a maximum haul of a million cash for the best players.

Small picture of Submarine Mission Wavebreak escape room

The world hangs in the balance in this pulse-pounding room set aboard a deep-sea submarine, with clear communication and deductive reasoning needed to avert disaster.


Brilliant experience from start to end.

Puzzles were challenging and exciting!

Excited to go again in the future.

Andrew Tan-Mulligan

A great room (School of Witchcraft and Wizardary) with fun puzzles that had my seasoned escape room mind scrambling. Tom was an excellent game host and overly accommodating to my family. A must do when you’re visiting London!

Christie McLarty

Such a great experience would definatly be booking again, all the puzzels were so creative and well thought out our host Jonny was a star... loved every minute.

Domonique Evans

Really friendly team. Fun games, we really enjoyed it and so did the 3 kids aged 7-9.

Gareth Jones

We went for my daughter's 11th birthday, me and 4 x 11 year olds, and escaped from the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. We had a blast! I was a bit worried it might be too hard but the puzzles were the right mix of tricky but solvable once we had cracked the logic. Will definitely be back to try another room.

Lucy Davies

A great experience. Did the witchcraft and wizardry room. No need to solve all clues in order which means you can progress through the subjects faster. A good selection of puzzles to solve. The staff were very good at reading the room. Highly recommend.

Natasha Bell-Asher

We had a fantastic time in the submarine escape. This was our second visit and the first was million pound heist. Tom is excellent and we had a fun time. Highly recommended.

Prateesh Trivedi

The Best Choice For Your Team

Team building is a vital part of the corporate world, helping to bring teams closer together, develop useful skills, and identify untapped potential. We believe that our escape rooms are the ideal choice for teams across London, combining immersive decor and effects with brain-bending puzzles:

Build Team

Whether building a new team or restructuring an existing one, communication issues can truly jeopardise a company. Escape rooms are a fantastic way to develop communication within a group, as teams will need to practice clear communication with each other throughout if they want to succeed within their 60-minute game.

Strengthen Workplace

For companies looking to strengthen workplace relationships, escape rooms are a fantastic solution. The variety of puzzles within a room, and the need to tackle multiple at any time mean that a team must rely on each other and that all players will have different ways to prove themselves useful. By tackling challenges together and emerging victorious, teams will naturally grow trust.

Showcase Leadership and

Our escape rooms offer ample opportunities to delegate tasks and foster leadership qualities within your team. This can be a great way to build authority for a newly installed team leader or to identify those within a team with leadership potential. The relaxed structure of escape rooms can also be a great way to trial different structures within a group.

Boost Time

If you’re looking to improve time management across your company, every ticking second in our escape rooms teaches your team to maximise every minute and boost their efficiency. With just 60 minutes on the clock, problems need to be identified, broken down, and distributed amongst a team, helping to develop crucial skills.

Let Off
Some Steam

If you need a great way to blow off steam after a stressful month, our escape rooms offer a much-needed morale boost and escape from work pressures. Escape rooms are fun, creative, and full of surprises, with each of our options providing a truly memorable experience. It could be just the thing your team needs to recharge morale.

Fun For

If you and your team are bored with standard team-building events, you can break the corporate monotony through our thrilling escape rooms. This is a team building activity like no other, replete with an exciting hour-long game, group pictures in costumes, and take-home prizes. Escape rooms are easy to grasp and pick up, with Questmasters accompanying each game over the radio to make sure no one gets stuck.

Special Offers

We have two great offers for corporate customers, benefitting clients both big and small:

Book 3 or more slots on the same day for a 20% discount
Every 10th game is free for corporate clients

Everything You Need To Know

We run games from morning to evening every day, all of which can be easily booked through our website. Alternatively, our team can arrange corporate packages directly, simply contact us with your needs and we will get back to you quickly. Each thrilling game will last for 60 minutes, and we request teams arrive 15 minutes early.

Our experienced Questmasters will introduce new players to everything they need to know, ensuring a dynamic and exciting experience for all. Designed for teams of 3-6, we can organise for larger groups to play our rooms across a day, often working with teams of 60 or more.

Enigma Quests is conveniently located at 2-12 Wilson Street, London, EC2M 7LS, in close proximity to tube and train connections.

Book Now

For a memorable team-building experience, look no further than Enigma Quests. Our escape rooms are fun, innovative, and designed to boost teamwork and communication. Conveniently located in London, we make it easy to plan an event that fits your schedule.

If you’re ready to take your team building day to the next level, speak to a member of our team now to organise a corporate package.