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About The Concept

You may have already heard about live escape games, or escape-the-room games - the new entertainment activity that is taking the world by storm.

In most cases, small teams are locked in the room and have to escape within 60 minutes. While escaping the room sounds exciting, we decided to take it to the next level by creating games where you are completely immersed in surroundings and forget about the real world.

These games are called Quests.

In every Quest we design, your team will have a mission to achieve within one hour. To complete all tasks in time, you will have to be observant, use logic, be creative and participate actively.

The puzzles we design are aimed at exercising different parts of brain. However we also believe that there must be a story behind every game - this is why you are embarking on a Quest in the first place.


Why we think it’s awesome

If you are visiting London, or have already visited every recommended place and looking for an unusual activity, trying an escape game or a quest is one thing that shouldn’t miss out being on your ultimate bucket list.

Where else can you become a wizard, infiltrate a dangerous gang or fly to the space, if not here? In a well designed game, there’s always some action, drama, comedy and a bit of magic, and the the best part? Instead of just passively observing, you must take the leading role and play it out as you desire!

The great thing about these games is that the social interaction and active teamwork are essential factors. Phones and internet are useless here, instead you must use your brains and rely on each other to overcome the obstacles and complete your mission.


Why we stand out

The escape game industry may be new, but there are already many companies offering their versions of the immersive games around the world.

While most of them have escaping as the main mission, we believe there is more to it. We design our quests with three things in mind: quality, immersion and innovation. By building high quality set and props, and by paying attention to every tiny detail, we hope to achieve the level of immersion, where players lose themselves in the surroundings.

We understand that there is always room for improvement, therefore we always seek to push the boundaries of the game by developing new ideas, and adapting interesting concepts in our Quests.



Being situated in the heart of London - just a stone’s throw away from iconic places like Spitalfields, Shoreditch, Museum of London, the Gherkin, St. Paul’s Cathedral, we cannot imagine there is a better place for you to hang out and explore new activities the City has to offer.

If you are after Harry Potter film locations, why not combine your visit to us with a trip to Leadenhall Market, which is less than 10 minute walk from us, and where the Diagon Alley scenes were filmed.

For those looking to grab lunch before or have nice long dinner after their experience with us, we recommend the restaurants in Broadgate circle, with exceptional food and service from the likes of The Crab Tavern, Aubaine, The Botanist and others. A short walk to Brick Lane or Spitalfields will give an excellent choice of world cuisine and satisfy even the most adventurous foodies!

On our own Wilson street, you will find the traditional Red Lion pub and the Bangers Wine Bar (however if you fancy a pint or a glass of wine, we’d suggest to save it for until after the game).

Collaborations and Feedback

With so many exciting things going on in the world, and with only as many pair of eyes and ears to keep track of it all, we are always happy to hear from you with ideas of collaboration and cross-promotion.

For press enquiries, interviews and any marketing questions, please drop us a line at nargiza@enigmaquests.london

We constantly strive to improve what we do and to push the boundaries of what’s expected, and we are always grateful for advice and suggestions that come our way - please do not hesitate to discuss with our Quest Masters, or get in touch with us via e-mail.

Meet The Team

We are constantly working on new projects and have no intentions to stop growing. To continue building a strong team, we are always looking out for the best talent out there.

Are you interested in building props and designing high-quality set? Maybe you are the electronic engineering genius who can help us create the magic behind the scenes? Or would you like the toughest job of them all, the Quest Master?

Drop us a line at team@enigmaquests.london to enquire about the opportunities we have.

Co-founder and Questmaster
Came across with the concept first, which then turned to Enigma Quests. Having prior experience, responsible for all things technical. A keen sports enthusiast, long-time supporter of FC Barcelona and F1 driver Fernando Alonso. Occasional striker, twice a league top scorer and countless times man of the match.
Co-founder and Questmaster
Responsible for marketing, and all other exciting stuff. Very thorough planner, can talk about details for ages. Believes there’s no such thing as too many hobbies for one person. Loves meeting new people and learning new things everyday. Huge fan of Harry Potter series, which inspired the theme of the first Quest.

Keep in touch

Enigma Quests, 2-12 Wilson Street, London, EC2M 7LS
+44 (0) 20 7377 9220

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